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Reactive Clicks is a full-service advertising network and self-service platform that provides advanced advertising solutions and optimization technologies to digital marketers and webmasters.

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It only takes a few seconds to created new campaigns. Self Service! Auto-approval. Faster setup than any competitor on the market!

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Our traffic flows offer the best combination of quality and price. You will never overpay for clicks with us.

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Your dedicated account manager ensures a quick response time via Skype, Telegram or our built-in ticketing system.

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Stop paying for mistargeted clicks. Our service offers precise geo and device targeting with a frequent database updates.

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Unlike our competitors, we make sure to filter out all of the junk, bot and other non-converting clicks.

Accurate Analytics

Our platform provides accurate click analytics confirmed by years of colaboration with major industry players.


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AD format

With banner advertising reaching your target demographics became much easier. Apply different ad formats, ad units and banner ad sizes for multiple ad campaigns. Customize the way banner ads are served on sites through programmatic platform.

Native ads are always shown within the site's content, ensuring ultimate viewability for your creatives. Native banners have click rates that are eight times higher than regular formats. They represent a very effective tool for building audience engagement

Push notifications take advantage of a subscriber’s previous consent to deliver ads instantly to any device. This form of ad is visible even when the user is not browsing.

Smart targeting

Device GEO Traffic Quality Placement Sources

HQ Conversions for your campaigns

Reactive Click high-quality traffic brings outstanding results with your verticals.